Welcome to Jenkins RO!

Patchnotes 6 June 2019

by [GM]Amphitrite on 2019-06-07

- Added new Instance: Werner Laboratory (Access through Warper > Instance )
- Added New MVP Venomous Chimera
- Added New Shadow Gears to Game
- Added New items in Cash Shop and Quest Shop
- Nibbas has new items
- Re-adjust the Raid Boss Skill Usage

Patchnotes 18/05/2019

by [GM]Amphitrite on 2019-05-17

- New Items added in Cash Shop, Hunting Mission, Quest Shop

- Nibbas is On! He's back with YSF01 Plate

- Added item drops inside Geffen Magic Tournament, Sara vs Fenrir, Bios Island, Temple of Demon God

- Added New Dungeon: Illusion of Turtle with it's Cards

- Sea Captain Hat now follow Divine Pride

- Cash Drop now 5%

- Refine Event is now On

- Added New Event - Devil Square - Prize is Cash Points, Work together or Die Like the Rest

- Adjustment to Bloody Branch, Hunting Mission now need 10 Points each, Mushroom now nerfed to maximum 5 per spawn.

- Added Raid Boss, Raid Boss will appear during event. He drops Perverse Demon Mask, Temporal Ring, Cash Points and Blessed Ori & Elu.

Weekly Maintenance

by [GM]Amphitrite on 2019-05-17

We will conduct our weekly mainteannce From 21:00 - 00:00 AM GMT+7

Patchnotes 11/05/2019

by [GM]Amphitrite on 2019-05-10

- Temporal Manteau added in PVP Shop

- Nibbas is On! He's back with Blacksmith's Glove

- New Item has been added to Quest and Cash Shop

- Endless Cellar Released

- Excellion Parts now cost 50 fuel each

- Charleston Supplement is in Quest Shop

- Added new function: Gift Redeemer in Control Panel

- Fixing few minor bugs

Next week there will be no Instance release but I will release Illusion of Turtle, there will be no daily quest there but you may farm the cards. I am planning to release Devil Square as well Raid Boss for future event. As for next Instance I might be working with Infinity Space first after done with Turtle.